Funding Opportunity: 2021 William T. Grant Scholars Program

William T. Grant Foundation (Grant) - N/A

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Program Summary

  • Foundation: William T. Grant Foundation
  • Grant: William T. Grant Scholars Program
  • Research Area: Humanities, Social Sciences, Engineering, Natural Sciences, Interdisciplinary
  • Grant Amount: $350,000 over five years
  • Internal LOI due: April 26, 2021
  • Foundation proposal due: June 16, 2021

The William T. Grant Scholars Program supports career development for promising early-career researchers. The Foundation funds research ideas that significantly expand researcher’s expertise in new disciplines, methods, and content areas. Applicants must have a track record of conducting high-quality research and an interest in pursuing a significant shift in their trajectories as researchers.

Questions: Contact Ashley Booher, assistant director of foundation relations at 


Program Background

The Foundation's mission is to support research that improves the lives of young people ages 5-25 in the United States. The Foundation supports research within two focus areas: 1) Reducing inequality in youth outcomes, or 2) Improving the use of research evidence in decisions that affect young people.

Reducing Inequality: The foundation supports studies that aim to build, test, or increase understanding of programs, policies, or practices to reduce inequality in the academic, social, behavioral, or economic outcomes of young people, especially on the basis of race, economic standing, language minority status, or immigrant origins.

Improving the use of Research Evidence: The foundation supports research that identifies, builds, and test strategies to ensure that research evidence is used in ways that benefit youth. The Foundation is particularly interested in research on improving research evidence by state and local decision makers, mid-level managers, and intermediaries.

Please review the foundation's guidelines, which provide in-depth criteria for proposing a research study.


Applicants must have received their terminal degree within seven years of submitting their application i.e., seven years from the date the doctoral degree was conferred. Applications of any discipline are eligible. Additionally, if awarded, the foundation requires half of the scholar's paid time to be spent conducting research. Please discuss the time commitment with your department chair before you submit an LOI.

Selection Criteria

Selection is based on applicant's potential to become influential researchers, as well as their plans to expand their expertise in new and significant ways. The application should make a cohesive argument for how the applicant will expand his or her expertise. The research plan should evolve in conjunction with the development of new expertise, and the mentoring plan should describe how the proposed mentors will support applicants in acquiring that expertise.


Program Details

  • Research project
    • U.S. citizens may apply
    • U.S. permanent residents may apply
    • Foreign nationals may apply
    $350,000 over five years
    Voluntary cost share is allowed but not required

    If selected as Rice's nominee, the foundation requires references and mentor letters, which are due June 19, which is before the foundation's application deadline of July 1, 2020.

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    Application Instructions

    To complete the letter of intent (LOI) form and apply for this limited submission funding opportunity, log in and then click the "Submit an LOI" button in the "Actions" panel above.

    Upon submission, you should receive an automatic reply indicating that your submission was received. If you do not receive such a reply, please contact the Office of Proposal Development (OPD) or the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations (OCFR).